Me, Myself and MRI

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Teaching Resources

In this section of the site you can download KS3 teaching resources, created for Geodesic Arts by Cliff Porter of CP Educational.

Using the links at the top right of the page you can download:
  • a PowerPoint presentation to be used as the basis for the session (please note that you also need to download the Headscan movie video file and save it in the same folder as the PowerPoint presentation)
  • teacher's notes - these outline a session that includes an introduction to magnetism, an introduction to MRI technology and an overview of how images are created from MRI scan data
  • pupil resources including cut-outs of 2D slices of the human brain, taken from MRI scan data, and a worksheet on seeing with magnetism
We hope that you find these resources useful and would be happy to receive any feedback on these and the other resources contained within the site using the feedback form.

Brain Learning Resources

All of the MRI images used in the Me, Myself and MRI exhibition were taken from brain scans. Use the resources listed below to find out more about the brain and what you can see in the images used in the exhibition portraits.

'More Mindbogglers' is available to download from the top of the page. It's a booklet published by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives and contains lots of information about the brain, presented as fun puzzles and games.

The following websites also contain lots of fascinating information about the brain and the nervous system:
  • The Brain from Top to Bottom offers three levels of explanation (beginners, intermediate or advanced) and covers a wide range of topics, including sleep and dreams, evolution and the brain, how the mind develops and memory and the brain
  • Brains Rule is a website aimed at children and uses games to explain about brain functions, the anatomy of the brain and the nervous system
  • The website of the Dana Foundation features links to lots of online resources about the brain, neuroscience, brain disorders and the nervous system

And if you fancy giving your brain a bit of a work-out, why not try some of the brain training games at Lumosity?