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John Oxley lives in Scarborough and since 1989 has have earned a living as an archaeologist with the City of York Council. He originally comes from Darlington and has lived and worked in Liverpool (where he studied history and archaeology), Durham, Southampton, and York. He has published and lectured extensively on the archaeology of Roman and post-Roman towns (in particular York and Southampton) and on the management of archaeological deposits in towns.

"The person I'd most like to be is Harrison Ford....Isn't it obvious?!"

He started to exhibit his artwork in 2002. His artistic practice draws on his professional background as an archaeologist and his work revolves around the concepts of context and documentation, and includes explorations of the layering of images within images and the interplay of aperture and light. Images are captured both on film and with digital sensors. This work generally takes the form of digital prints, digital video pieces or multi-media installations.

Recent exhibited works include:

2008 - "Northern Lights", Saltaire Festival (photography)
2007 - "54degrees 28minutes", YoMu Arts Festival (video/text/photography installation)
2006 - "Sense of Place", Illuminate York Festival, Bootham Bar, York (light, projection and sound installation with Damian Murphy and Mark Hildred)
"I enjoyed practically all the subjects I studied at school and they were nearly all favourites at one time or another, so perhaps I should say which one I hated -   Latin"
2004 - "Six reflections", Gateway Digital Cafe (video/text/photography)
2003 - "And I Dreamt I felt your skin close to mine", SightSonic International Digital Arts Festival (video)
2003 - "Hearts and Minds", Beyond the Walls, ROTA Exhibition, York College (photography/text)
2002 - "About me About You", City Screen, York (solo exhibition - photography/text)

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