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Kippa Matthews is a freelance photographer whose work covers news, features and cultural events. His photographs have been published and exhibited nationally and internationally, including in The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph and The Times, as well as more locally for The Heritage Lottery Fund, The Joseph Rowntree Foundation, York Minster and the National Railway Museum. He has been involved in various arts projects over the past few years, including The York Millennium Mystery Plays, The Illuminating York Festivals, SightSonic and the visual arts festival, YoMu.

"I wouldn't mind being Barack Obama's personal photographer at the moment, to be there to witness and document yet another major event in history."

Kippa originally trained as a sculptor but met a photographer while travelling in his early twenties who he worked alongside, learning the craft first hand. He was offered his first professional job at a press agency in 1988 and he hasn't stopped since. He enjoys the fact that no two days are ever the same and that each day he has to re-invent or create his own work.

His job takes him all over the country, but when he's at home he spends his spare time with his family, listening to music
"Seeing 'The Clash' in Dec 1978, where the riot police and dogs were turned against us, was a pivotal moment in my life..."
and torturing himself with the Guardian crossword.

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