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Richard Nihill is teacher of religious education and PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health & Citizenship Education) at Archbishop Holgate's Church of England School, York. He is also lay chaplain at the school which involves arranging assemblies, services at festival times and working with the vicar of the local church to help meet the spiritual needs of staff and pupils.

Richard has participated in the writing of a number of teaching resources in conjunction with the Development Education Centre, Leeds and St John's University. He has also taken two groups of pupils on expeditions to Cape Town, South Africa and has, together with these groups, raised over £5,000 over the last few years for projects based in various townships.

I actually wanted to be  a history teacher. I like to wander round and imagine the people who were living there, and what they were doing.

Richard is married with a young son. He attends St Paul's Anglican church in Holgate, York where he is part of the Parochial church council and helps to lead worship. In his spare time he enjoys travelling and watching films.

You can use the link below to view Richard's portrait.