Me, Myself and MRI

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Dean Riley is a science teacher at Archbishop Holgate's School in York. He teaches years 7-11 and has worked at the school for the last three years. Before that he studied teaching at the University of York and physics and space science at the University of Leicester. Dean had a variety of jobs whilst studying, including working in sales which took him everywhere from a double-glazing showroom in Leicester to living in various parts of the USA.

I think life's just how you make it, so I always like to make life as exciting as I can.

When he isn't working he likes to play sports and is a diehard Sunderland supporter and season ticket holder. He also enjoys skiing and runs the school's ski club as well as organising the annual staff ski trips to Scotland. When the skies are clear, he likes nothing better than to take his telescope outside to do some star gazing... he describes himself as a bit of a space geek and confesses that this often shows up in his work.

You can use the link below to view Dean's portrait.