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Dr Damian Murphy is a Senior Lecturer in Music Technology at the Department of Electronics, University of York, where he has been since 2000. He started his career in the Performing Arts Department at Harrogate College and has previously held positions at Leeds Metropolitan University and Bretton Hall College. His research focuses on virtual acoustics, spatial audio, physical modelling, and audio signal processing. He is also a visiting lecturer to the Department of Speech, Music and Hearing at KTH, Stockholm, where he specialises in spatial audio and acoustics.

"I'd invite Iorek Brynison (from His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman) to my dinner party - because everyone needs an armoured bear as a loyal companion."
His research work formed the basis of the Surrounded by Sound project that was selected for inclusion in the Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition, July 2001 and he was also co-author of SoundFX - Making Music with  Technology, the 2004 IEE touring Faraday Lecture. He has been principal investigator on a number of AHRC and EPSRC funded projects in physical modelling and room acoustics. He has published over 60 journal articles, conference papers and books and is a member of the Audio Engineering Society.

Dr Murphy is also an active sound artist and in 2004 was appointed as one of the UK's first AHRC/ACE Arts and Science Research Fellows, investigating the compositional and aesthetic aspects of sound spatialisation, acoustic modelling techniques and the acoustics of heritage spaces. His work has been presented in galleries nationally and at festivals and venues internationally including Sightsonic (UK), Bourges Festival (France), ICMC-2005 (Spain) and CCRMA (USA). His soundworks have also resulted in varied collaborations with visual artists, photographers, poets, archaeologists as well as artists and technologists working with interactive digital media.
"My favourite subject at school was Maths - because I was good at it. I could see the patterns and ways to solve the problems."

Damian had two roles in the project - as Lead Artist and Sound Artist - and you can read about them both on the following pages: