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Mark Hildred is a freelance Creative Consultant based in York, specialising in interactive light and sound equipment for children and adults with special needs. He has been involved with a wide range of arts projects involving interactive technology for the past ten years. Many of these have involved working with groups of young people, specifically those with disabilities.

"Playing drums is my biggest passion. I've played in lots of different settings across the UK and in lots of different groups - from rock, pop and jazz to classical and concert bands."

Mark was Chair of the SightSonic Special Needs Group for four years and a core member of the Steering group, helping shape the progression of the festival and establish a strong educational program. This work included three national conferences on Creative Technology and Disability, an interactive digital playground and hands-on water fountains. In 2004 he joined the York Renaissance Group and over the following two years helped select a number of artistic interventions to invigorate the City culminating in the Illuminating York event.

"The whole idea for the project seemed to grow out of a few odd remarks and before we knew it we had a project. I had to stay involved as it just got more interesting the more people who became involved"
Mark has worked on a variety of artistic installations, these have included 'Coming to our Senses', Sarah Taylor (2001); Rhythm and Blues, Jerwood Awards, Sarah Taylor (2002); 'First, Last, Everything', Helen Storey (2002); 'Inside Story', British Library (2005-06); 'A Sense of Place', York Renaissance Project (2006); 'Interactive Textiles', Jenny Mason (2006).

The following section has more detail about the role that Mark played in the project: