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Geodesic Arts formed in 2007 to deliver innovative projects across arts, science and education, combining the skills and experience of founding members Kirsty Halliday (Arts Management), Mark Hildred (Technical Production and Realisation) and Damian Murphy (Artist and Researcher in the field of sound and music computing). Joined in 2008 by Kippa Matthews (Photography) and John Oxley (Video Artist and professional archaeologist), the team produce workshops, exhibitions and installations that inspire and engage.

Kirsty, Mark, Damian and Kippa have worked together previously as part of Sightsonic, York's festival of digital art, and Mark, Damian and John have collaborated on a number of projects including A Sense of Place, a sound and light installation exploring and interpreting aspects of York's history, archaeological and architectural heritage.

In this section of the website you can find out more information about each of the team members, including a biography, a description of the roles we played in the project and some of the answers we gave to the interview questions devised by the young people we worked with...