Me, Myself and MRI

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Me, Myself and MRI explores identity through a unique combination of science and art.

The exhibition features six interactive digital portraits consisting of MRI scan data, video, audio and photographic portraits. They are the result of an 18-month education project that explored topics such as MRI technology, ethics in science and art, portraiture and creative media technology.

This website provides supporting information for the exhibition and contains extensive educational resources. These are designed to inform and inspire your own work. 

Education Project

Find out more about the topics covered in the education project, including lesson plans and creative ideas as well as links to other educational resources we used throughout the project.


Explore the exhibition - the people who feature in it, how it was created and where it's been installed to date.

Find out information for those interested in hosting the exhibition.


Read about the inspiration for the project and how it all came about, as well as information on the project team, funders, partners and the pupils we worked with.