Me, Myself and MRI

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Light Box Visual

Small Light Box Design Proof

Medium Light Box Design Proof

Large Light Box Design Proof
The next thing we asked the design team to create was the signage for the exhibition. This would be used to draw people into the exhibition space and to provide them with additional information.

Some of the ideas the pupils came up with included a pod with a touch-screen that visitors could use to find out more about the topics we covered in the project and the people whose portraits they were looking at. Unfortunately this would have been very expensive to create and as we were working within a set budget we had to look at other, cheaper options.

We talked about using banners, possibly the sort of pop-up banners that you see at exhibitions and conferences. However, the designers came up with the idea of using light boxes. These are more eye-catching than banners as they are illuminated and so provide a bright signpost to the exhibition. They can also be made in a range of sizes, meaning that we could used different sized light boxes to convey different amounts of information. The decision to use light boxes instead of banners did mean that we had to think carefully about logistics - for example we had to transport them to each of the exhibition venues and make sure that when we got them there we could plug them in...

We decided on three light boxes:
  • the first would have the exhibition logo on one side and on the other would list the questions that each of our subjects was asked during their audio and video interviews. These were the questions created by our pupils who decided that this particular set of questions would reveal a lot about the individuals concerned, asking them about their background and their influences and aspirations
  • the second provided a description of how an MRI scanner works, so that visitors to the exhibition could find out about some of the technology used in creating the exhibition images
  • the third would direct people towards the project website, where they could find out more detailed information.
Each of the light boxes featured the exhibition logo or elements taken from the logo graphic i.e. the coloured loops that are used to make up the brain image used in the logo.

The images to the right of this page show an impression of how the light boxes might look when illuminated as well as the design proofs for the three light individual light boxes.