Me, Myself and MRI

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Having created the logo and branding for the exhibition, the design team started to work on the two pieces of print that would accompany the exhibition: the exhibition leaflet and the feedback form.

The Exhibition Leaflet

Exhibition Leaflet

Exhibition Feedback Form

The leaflet served two purposes - to provide visitors with some background information on the project, the topics covered, the partners involved and the organisations who provided funding; and to direct people towards the project website. We felt that the leaflet should also contain some of the images used in the final exhibition.

Following this brief, and using the colours and font that feature in the exhibition logo, the designers came up with a double-sided leaflet. The first side uses a mixture of images and text to tell the reader about the background to the project and the people involved. It also included the URL of the project's website so that people could visit the site to get more detailed information about the project and about the exhibition, including dates and venues so that they could find out where to see it. The reverse side features a pattern of inter-connected loops, using some of the shapes that you can see inside the brain on the project logo. The finished leaflet was folded into a square shape so that when you pick it up you can see the looped pattern then open the leaflet up to reveal the main page of text and images.

A PDF of the exhibition brochure can be downloaded from the top right of this page.

The Feedback Form

We wanted to be able to capture some feedback from the people who visited the exhibition. This would help us find out what people thought about the exhibition and how it made them feel and we would be able to use this feedback in our evaluation of the project.

The designers came up with the idea of asking people 'What's in your brain today?'. Rather than simply asking people to write the answers to a series of questions, the designers instead used the shape of the brain used in the exhibition logo and invited people to write or draw their thoughts. These could be their reflections on the exhibition and how it made them feel or it could simply be whatever they were thinking at the time - one aim of the exhibition was to show that we are all unique as individuals and our thoughts, feelings and opinions are one of the things that help distinguish us from those around us.

Lots of people have filled in the forms since the exhibition launched. Some people literally told us what was in their brains that day (ranging from what they were going to have for tea to their friends and family to the fact that they wished it would stop raining), others wrote about how the exhibition made them feel or what it made them think about (including some people who had themselves had to have an MRI scan and others who were thinking about friends or relatives who had to have scans) and others got really creative and drew pictures or wrote poems.

A PDF of the feedback form is available at the top right of this page and below you can see some of the things that people wrote and draw as their response to the question 'What's in your brain today?'

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

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