Me, Myself and MRI

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During the session on PR and marketing, the pupils told us that they thought the branding for the exhibition should be fun but with a scientific slant.

We wanted the branding to be fun but with a scientific slant

We fed this back to the design team at Burn as part of the design brief for the project and they used this a guide when they were designing the logo for the exhibition. It was important to get the logo design just right as not only would the logo feature on all of the publicity related to the project (including printed materials, press releases, exhibition signage and feedback forms and on the website) but would also feed into and inform the design of all of the publicity materials, including leaflets, postcards and the project website.

The team at Burn decided to focus on the shape of the human brain as a key graphic (i.e. image) element in the logo, linking in to the use of MRI brain scan images in the exhibition pieces. For the text that sits under the logo, showing the name of the exhibition, they created a new font that looks quite scientific (we thought it could represent text tubes or wires) and reflects the lines used in the brain image they created. The bright colours used make the logo eye-catching and these same colours would then be used throughout the rest of the publicity materials for the exhibition.

We all agreed that they had met the pupils's brief very well and created branding that was both scientific (with the brain image and the new font) and fun.

As we would be using the logo in a variety of different materials, the designers created three different versions so that we could choose which version fitted best within a specific piece of print or on a web page. One colour version was vertical, one was horizontal and the third version of the logo was in mono (black and white) so that we could use it in black and white print.

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