Me, Myself and MRI

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The videos for Me, Myself and MRI have all been recorded on a Sony VX1000 camera and edited on an Apple Macbook using iMovie software.  This represents a simple, economic route into recording and editing high quality video.

However, it is not the only route.  Many mobile phones and smartphones record good quality video; a lot of digital cameras now allow you to record video, with many digital cameras even recording HD video.  These phones and cameras also come with free, simple software that allows simple editing of videos you've recorded.

You might like to use the ideas set out in the creating your own audio project section on this site and look at recording your journey to school/college or making a record of a typical day in your life.  Or you may wish to interview a friend, family member or teacher using a list of questions like the ones we used for our interviews.

Online Resources

There are many on-line guides which provide advice on planning, storyboarding, shooting, editing and distributing video.  Examples can be found on the Guardian website and at Home Movie Editing.